Nuclear Scanner and infrared camera technology

Non-Invasive Moisture Analysis

One of the many aspects that makes Ohio and Indiana Roofing unique is our commitment to saving you money. It’s what makes us an industry leader. One of the ways we do that is through our use of advanced roofing technology. We have two different methods to analyze your internal roof conditions so we will know what places need replaced before we tear apart your entire roof. We will be able to tell if the whole roof needs replaced, or just a few inexpensive patches, which will keep costs down and substantially expand the life of your roof.

Nuclear Scan

The Nuclear method is the most accurate technology that can be used to detect elevated levels of moisture under a ballasted EPDM system. In a typical application, a 10' x 10' grid pattern is marked on the roof with chalk. A small area of rock is removed and a reading is taken at each grid intersection and recorded in field data sheets. A final report details the extent and location of elevated moisture levels.

Nuclear is the only method that distinguishes between two or more levels of moisture. The final report clearly details where elevated levels of moisture have been detected. This report can be used in repair specifications with confidence.

Infared Camera Technology

We utilize infrared roof moisture inspection to prevent the cost and hassle of unnecessary major roof repairs. Infrared thermography is used to identify temperature differences created by saturated insulation in the roof assembly. We use that information to know where roof components need to be replaced and where the roof is functioning properly.

During an Infrared Roof Inspection, problem areas are marked on the roof. Findings are then confirmed using electric capacitance or nuclear instruments, so core samples are not always necessary.

Results are reported to building owners before work ever begins. Instead of spending an enormous amount of money to replace the entire roof, our infrared inspection allows customers to identify and replace only the problem areas when possible.